Our organization got a chance to be visited by the English fellow and we have perfomed a first class presentation on the tech tools in the class which is for empowering girls

The English language  fellow visited  learning how we conduct  different projects to support girls in our community ,some girls were able to explain about bridge model, safe tree and procedures of sewing the reusable sanitary pads.

A class of tech tools to girls which is conducted every Saturday and led by the organization IT designer. Its first presentation was done in front of the English Fellow, this program was done to implement girls in using technological tools in their classes which will lead to different benefits and improve their learning.

 We have inverted the little library program in one secondary school, the knowledge that we got from the US and later on we decided to start practicing it in our schools. The little library program will help the students acquire the different materials even in absence of a teacher.

We have also succeeded to continue with the Science in the garden project which has now expanded to many of the secondary schools here in Kilimanjaro were the students are doing observation of what is happening in their gardens involving the use of English language which help them to improve their vocabulary.

  The renovation of the girls toilet is still in progress and we are now in the second secondary school but in the first secondary school the room is now in use. for information click here  and for donation click here